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It can be a difficult choice to travel across the ocean and spend your summer out of your comfort zone and with people you have yet to meet.  We want to do our part to decrease that stress and help you feel as comfortable as possible with this important, life changing decision.

What do Parents and Students Say About Us?


"I really cannot artfully express my gratitude for your willingness to create Spain Abroad and help young adults transition to more independence. Sending our son was a leap of faith; picking him up from the airport today we are left with not one regret. We feel certain that adjusting to life away from home for college will be much smoother thanks to your mentorship and the wonderful experience of life in Estepona.” - Parent 

I first met Johnny while I was a great distance from home and felt comfortable spending my time working with him instantly. Johnny helped guide me towards the resolution of a lot of personal problems I had neglected confronting in my life and because of that was able to finally resolve and grow from it. The experiences and lessons I had with him were invaluable and will always be grateful for guidance.



Looking back at myself as a teenager I know that I needed to get far away from my home and and the familiarity and comfortability of everyday life.  The experience of going far away helped me immensely, I developed healthy long term relationships/friendships (one of which with my incredible therapist Johnny Tock!!) and learned how to maintain those relationships. Being away from negative influences gave me an opportunity to view my actions objectively and mature as a person.

- Previous Student

As parents, we want our children to grow up, become independent, and spread their wings.  Unfortunately, this “letting go” is often accompanied by anxiety and fear—on our part, as much and sometimes more, than theirs.  This can be especially true if experiencing that independence means exploring new parts of the USA and particularly, other countries.  I’ve been there and it wasn’t easy.   When our 17 year- old son left home for school in another part of the country the first time, Johnny Tock was one of his teachers and an important touch point for us.  We knew our son was in good hands.  Johnny is an excellent teacher, a licensed therapist and has been working with young adults for most of his career.  He put our minds at ease and kept us updated on our son’s progress-- academically, socially and emotionally. Providing the opportunity to live somewhere else and experience that independence gave our son the springboard he needed to learn important life skills and become the man he is today.  We credit Johnny Tock for helping to guide him on that adventure and provide that growth experience—for all of us!


I had an amazing time as a member of this program. It provides an unforgettable experience for anyone looking to immerse themselves in Spanish culture and live independently in another country. I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking to travel abroad and make a lifetime of fun memories


I really enjoyed this program! Estepona is a phenomenal town with great people, so much to do, and you can walk anywhere you need to go. The day trips were amazing!  Most of the towns we went to I had never seen anything like it. Also the food was awesome. I am absolutely going to go back to Spain!  10/10 recommend!  

- Summer Student

“Our son learned how to live independently and so much more...traveling, honing his Spanish and writing abilities, learning how to shop, cook and coexist with roommates, and more -- speaks volume to your skill and care.”  - Parent

I met Johnny many years ago when my son was lost and getting into trouble.  Johnny was assigned to be his therapist.  Johnny’s guidance, support, and life coaching was instrumental in my son finding his path.  Johnny’s mode, manner, and methods made a huge difference in my son’s life and thereby mine too.  I am thnkful for Johnny and highly recommend him.  


-Wayne R

I attended Spain Abroad in 2023. It was a wonderful experience. Johnny and Leanna were so helpful and kind, really two of the most amazing people you’ll ever meet. You can tell they have your best interest at heart and they genuinely care for all the attendees. The program did help me come up with plans for the future and what I wanted to do. Without Spain Abroad, I would have missed out on a summer I’ll forever remember, and I would have missed out on discovering a possible future for myself. If you are interested give Spain Abroad a chance! It’s super fun and there are a ton of things to do.


This is such a great program for students or anyone looking for new experiences .One of my favorite things about this program was being able to be more independent and also having a lot of fun with friends I made while there.


- Trey

"I just wanted to send along my gratitude for all of your work, support, and guidance in providing our son with such a memorable summer.” - Parent

Johnny helped my son, then 24, in so many ways during a time of great turmoil and strife. He needed to stop, and take an intense look at his life and choices. My son ended up at a program very, very far from home. Johnny was his main support. The three plus months he spent with Johnny were life changing.  Johnny is smart, experienced and dedicated. His natural gift of digging to the core of "what's going on" is what propelled my son back to the surface. I will be forever grateful for all he did to help my son and our family.



At the age of 17 I went to a school in Idaho, 2500 miles away from my friends, family and life as I knew it.

Being a stubborn, angry 17 year old. I was reluctant to listen to any advice or guidance anyone was kind enough to give me. As far as I was concerned no one knew what was good for me, except me. Johnny was my residential therapist in Idaho. Over time Johnny and I were able to relate to each other. I could tell Johnny actually had my best interest in mind. We developed a relationship that has now lasted over a decade. I am thirty years old now and Johnny and I have kept in touch regularly. He was a great mentor that now has turned into a great friend. 

- Previous Student

I had a great experience over the summer at Spain abroad and I would highly recommend reaching out to Johnny and Leanna to learn more about the program if you’re interested


- Mateo 

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